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4 remote takeaways to be drawn from COVID ✅EdTech extends well beyond zoom ✅The days of one-size-fits-all education are over ✅Inclusivity matters ✅Students should learn to divide, not suffer from the digital divide What do you think?


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Paxton Control system – Feel the need to take Ctrl? As accredited gold we have the expertise to design and install a solution to meet any of your requirements 🥇 Want to find out more? 🔹 🔹020 3750 9796


Retweeted From UK Prime Minister

Nadhim Zahawi MP has been appointed Secretary of State for Education


Service Desk - do you need some ? 📞 Our service desk is available from 07:00 until 18:00 ⏱️ Monday to Friday, and tickets can be logged anytime. Want to find out more? Contact us today 🔹 🔹020 3750 9796


With schools and corporates switching to remote learning, edtech is now firmly in the mainstream But which areas have seen the most interest & how can the edtech sector make the most of this opportunity?


Network and infrastructure replacement - 🖥️ 📞 🖨️ If you are looking to replace, upgrade or refine your school network, contact us today! 🔹 🔹020 3750 9796


Printing costs. How much are you spending? If you would like a quote with regards to a print managed solution for your school, please get in contact with us using the details below:


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“If young people can feel confident enough to raise their hand in a digital class, ask a question and talk ‘to the room’, it helps them prepare for digital meetings and presentations in the future” What do you think?


We believe that forward planning is key to a successful system, which is why we offer an Audit & Strategy report service to help you develop a strategic vision for the future. Want to find out more?


Forgotten your password❔ Computer won’t turn on❔ Interactive whiteboard not working❔ SIMS not launching❔ Don’t worry! We all know that sinking September feeling of how annoying it is when things don’t work. If you need any IT support for your school, contact us today! 💻📞


This week, we are looking at the new technologies that are here to stay, post COVID. What do you think? Let us know!


Today, 1st September, marks a very special day for us...It's our !! 🎉 🎂 🎈 🎊 Thank you to everybody for your continued support over the past three years. It's been a crazy 3 years, but all worth it. Have a wonderful day and thank you once again :)


"eduthing provide an outstanding service and provide excellent support – particularly during the challenging times of Remote Learning." If you've questioned the quality of the IT support you have received during COVID-19, contact us today!  020 3750 9796


Did you know that 31% of primary school computers and 35% of secondary school computers are considered to be ineffective in the UK due to age or condition? If you would like advice about new devices for your school, contact us today!


This week, we are looking at the traditional role of the classroom, and how hybrid classrooms are paving the way to a more holistic teaching and learning environment. Let us know what you think!


Onsite Engineers – Solving problems, you didn’t know you had… If you are worried about September and the potential IT problems you might be faced with, contact us today!

What people say about us

The response is always excellent, things get done very quickly and it just is super to have people who just get the job done - cheerfully and professionally. Thank you!
Nothing is ever a problem with you guys, your professionalism and knowledge of IT makes my job so much easier as it's one less thing for me worry about. Thanks!
Dan has worked tirelessly trying to get our calendar system up and running exactly how we want it. Can't praise him enough as it's been no easy task!
Brilliant help this afternoon - thanks so much Kyle for getting me started on Teams. Very patient and efficient. Thanks
Even in difficult times, the request was dealt with super quickly
Mark is totally amazing in his support for our school. Thank you!