Digital Media

edusafe Online Safeguarding Conference

January 2024 saw the launch of our first Online Safety conferences. We are proud to support schools in this area of crucial importance and we were delighted to be joined by UK Safer Internet Centre members Childnet International and South West Grid for Learning, as well as IT Consultant Beverly Clarke, Parenting Expert Sue Atkins and our in-house expertise with Naomi Gale our EdTech Specialist and Liam Buggs our Chief Innovation Officer.

Pupil Workshops

Looking to have children engaged as active participants using technology rather than passive consumers? Our pupil workshops support pupils in developing 21st century digital skills through fun, educational experiences with a broad range of technologies and opportunities covering digital making, programming, machine learning and more! Contact us for more information on our research informed, inclusive and national curriculum aligned pupil facing workshops!

Team Teaching

Step into the future of CPD with our exciting new venture for the 2023/24 academic year: Team Teaching! This program brings together our highly skilled educators and EdTech Specialists to offer real-time support to the teachers in the schools we champion. Empower staff and fortify the integration of cutting-edge technologies and computing concepts into the dynamic landscape of modern classrooms.

2023 Company Conference

Every late July, our company comes together as we temporarily close our doors. During this special time, we bring together our dedicated staff from every corner and department of our organisation for an engaging two-day experience filled with team building and training. These moments are more than just a tradition; they are a testament to our commitment to growth and strategy for the academic year ahead. It’s a time when we pause to reflect on our journey, to measure our progress, and to set our sights on the path forward. We ensure that our training programs are tailored to the unique needs of each and every member of our team, all while remaining aligned with the exacting standards set by our valued customers. It’s a celebration of our collective spirit and a promise to keep striving for excellence.

LEGO STEM Workshop

Nurture digital mastery among young learners, all while leveraging the beloved LEGO brand! In a world where a staggering 85% of tomorrow’s job landscape is yet to take shape, there’s never been a more crucial time to empower students across all age groups. Our innovative STEM workshops and captivating explorations of digital technologies are the keys to igniting their curiosity and unveiling the powerful influence of digital advancements on our society. We are committed to partnering with our customers to ensure that students not only become digitally literate but also evolve into confident and proficient users of cutting-edge digital tools and concepts, sculpting a future where young minds are primed to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Bett Award 2023 Video

In our very first year of participating in the prestigious Bett Awards, held in March 2023, we proudly emerged as finalists in not one but two categories – IT Support Service and Collaboration with a School. This video, produced as part of our award submissions, captures the essence of our exceptional service and our unwavering commitment to excellence in every facet of our business. Our belief is that by continually striving for excellence, we empower thousands of dedicated school staff members with the confidence they need in their IT provisions. This, in turn, has a great impact on the classroom experience and we are thrilled to play a pivotal role in supporting greater classroom success.