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The are providing funding for schools to enable remote learning through digital platforms so teachers & students can stay connected. To find out if you are eligible, please email us at


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Did you know that 31% of primary school computers and 35% of secondary school computers are considered to be ineffective in the UK due to age or condition? If you would like advice about new devices for your school, contact us today


Microsoft Teams....better than Zoom? The software giant has recently introduced some big updates and we can't help but think they have now overtaken all the other communication platforms.


Check out this weeks top comment: "Very fast and efficient response. Two very pleasant technicians who gave the impression that nothing was too much trouble despite it being a quick fix problem. Thank you." Epsom, Primary, Surrey Another great week for the team, well done guys!


Now that classrooms are starting to return to normal, is it time to re-look at a new 'normal' for September? Do you think distance learning is the future? Or will we revert back to the traditional methods of teaching once the pandemic is over?


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Revealed: DfE's 16-point September school opening plan Non-core subjects could be suspended for two terms and no Ofsted inspections before Christmas, draft plans say.


Is your school eligible for DfE funding? Funding of £1500 is available to primary schools and £2000 for secondary schools to get fully set up with GSuite platform . To find out more about how we can support you, email us at


Funding of £1bn for 50 major school building projects in England is being promised by the prime minister. There will also be a further £560m for repairs to crumbling school buildings.


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Our review this week is on The Screen Time Limit app, designed by Check out the full review on our LinkedIn page and let us know what you think!


What does the future of distance learning look like? Are your children adapting to new types of learning? What technology are you using? Do you think the changes Coronavirus have caused, might be here to stay?


Is your school eligible for DfE funding? Funding of £1500 is available to primary schools and £2000 for secondary schools to get fully set up with GSuite platform . To find out more about how we can support you, email us at


Should teachers work over the summer? Retired and supply teachers could be asked to stand in for staff who are shielding in September, plans suggest. What do you think?


We are working with as part of a fully-funded initiative by the to support you during this time. To find out more, please email us at

DfE Platform Provisioning Programme

On Friday 24th April, DfE announced new funding for enabling distance learning through digital platforms to help teachers and students stay connected remotely.

The digital education platform programme aims to ensure that all schools can support remote learning through a safe and secure digital environment.

To support the DfE and the education community through the COVID 19 crisis, we are collaborating with Google to support this initiative during this unprecedented time; providing advice, domain expertise and industry experience to play our part in helping pupils access remote learning and enabling all schools to achieve a minimal viable learning platform.

Digital platforms can support:

  • Teachers’ ability to assign and assess work, providing feedback remotely
  • Students’ ability to access curriculum content and communicate digitally on any device that is connected to the Internet

In addition, when implemented effectively, these platforms enable:

  • Communication between staff, students and parent in real time
  • The option for pupils and teachers to collaborate on projects in real time

Schools without such a digital platform already in place, or if you have one in place, but have not yet set it up to assign and communicate with pupils can now apply for government funding of up to £1,500 per primary school, £2,000 per secondary school (or up to £10,000 per Multi Academy Trust) to enable setup of a digital education platform, set up to industry best practice, to support remote learning and enable schools to get advice on utilising learning platforms.

If your school does not already have such a platform in place, you can apply here: Digital Education platform hub.

If you are undecided or have further questions, please telephone us on 0203 750 9796 or email

We also have the following offers to make sure you experience the most from the google ecosystem. 

If you are not one of our Managed Service Customers and you select us as your preferred partner you will receive a free ASUS C204 chromebook & G Suite licence.

Recommend us to another school that is not an existing customer and you will both receive a free ASUS C204 chromebook & G Suite licence (also applies to existing customers).




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