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That's is very cool stuff! Get in touch if you are interested in Google for Education and would like to find out what else Google Chromebooks have to offer!


We had a great time at the South East Schools Business Network Conference yesterday demonstrating our technologies for hire and catching up with everybody. Give us a shout if you tried our lovely cupcakes. 😋


Thank you for bringing this to light and your kind words!


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🚀Get ready for liftoff! is now compatible with Chrome OS devices–including and Chrome tablets. Start exploring:


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Thank you to all the organisers of the SESBN conference at Epsom Downs today - great talk from Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Always good to catch up with SBM friends and colleagues.


We are all set for The South East Schools Business Network! Come and have a chat!


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It's not too late for your school to get involved in tomorrow. Take a look at how your school can get involved:


Excellent tweet, except your website status page has crashed. After six phones calls, five where I have been cut off your representative has no information as can’t load your website for updates...suggests looking at Twitter, which says to get updates from your website.


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Let’s all celebrate numbers and their use in everyday life this 🎉 Many of us say “I’m not a numbers person”, but from budgeting to helping with homework - we use numbers every day 🔢 Why not try the Challenge 👉 🧮


See this Instagram photo by


How is everyone feeling on this beautiful monday morning? 😊 remember that our lines are open until 6pm or simply DM us! ⌨️🖥️ Have a great day! 😋


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Sometimes we say we're fine when we're not. It's . 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem this year, so if your friend is acting differently, ask twice.


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As mental health awareness week begins, be kind to yourself 🙏🏻


Good luck to all the students completing their SATS & GCSE's this week from us here at eduthing!😀


Good Morning and happy Friday from all of us here at 😀 If you're not following us already then give us a follow!


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Happy 93rd Birthday to the incredibly inspiring Sir David Attenborough. 😊🦋🐛🐝🐞🐍🦎🐙🦑🦊🐸


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of the week is 😂 Fun fact...the tears of joy emoji was ranked #1 globally in 2017 and is still a favourite to date in the US & UK (we are a happy bunch after all)


Find out what makes us here at different! 😃


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Today is ! As an asthma sufferer it's very important to me. Here's some great advice from


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Happy ! Take some time to thank an educator for their enthusiasm, imagination, and dedication. We're grateful today, and every day, for all that you do.

IT outsourcing is good for your school!

A large number of schools currently outsource their catering or cleaning services, because these tasks aren’t an integral part of the skillset of the school staff team; they call in specialists to take away the hassle of these tasks, and let them worry about the processes, laws and risks.

Today, many forward-thinking schools are also outsourcing part (we call this co-sourcing) or all of their IT support (outsourcing) and are enjoying the improved provision, cost savings and teaching and learning benefits that a specialist technology partner can bring. In today’s budget sensitive economy it’s becoming increasingly important for school leaders to find a way to achieve a high level of ICT delivery and support whilst also keeping costs down, and taking back control of their ICT.

Reasons why outsourcing IT could be a great choice for your school.

  • Reduce staff overhead
  • Prevent unnecessary spend 
  • Increase your IT expertise
  • Identify underperformance
  • Improve flexibility of service
  • Ensure security is optimised
  • Focus on educational priorities
  • Innovate and future-proof
  • Retain or retrain your IT staff

We’re happy to have a chat with you, confidentially if needs be, about how happy you are with the quality, proactiveness, cost and capability of the IT support in your school, and what your vision for improvements might be.